There’s an app for that…

There’s an app for that…


Students can now track their mental health using an app that takes taking a selfie to a whole new level.

It’s been reported that approximately 92% of students experience poor mental health whilst studying, which is one of the shocking statistics behind Mind UK’s new app, Emoodji.


Meet Greg, Keisha, Alice and Callum.




They’re just a few of the great minds behind the creation of the app.
Emoodji, released today is an iPhone and Android app that can track ones mood throughout the days, weeks, months and years, giving you the ability to see how your mood changes.


Keisha Chan, the culture manager of 3 SIDED CUBE explains more about the app and how it may show correlation between certain moods and days of the week.


It’s been estimated that over half of students don’t feel comfortable admitting they’re struggling to cope, yet this app provides an easy and interactive way to get support from both your friends and Mind, making it easier for help to given to those in need.


The student-targeted app began production in August with the help of Bournemouth University students.

Callum Taylor, lead Android developer at 3 SIDED CUBE said, “we made what the students wanted, the app was essentially created from their direct feedback.”

The influence of the demographic was so strong that parts of the app that were left out were demanded to be included.

“Initially, the graph wasn’t going to be included,but it was such a requested feature that we swallowed the bullet and did it.” – Callum.

According to Greg, 3 SIDED CUBE’s project manager by day and resident Jedi by night, “one of minds main focuses is helping people build mental resilience”.

Greg also said “there’s lots of tips in there – if your mood is consistently low, the app would help, and it would make sense for someone who’s perhaps not in a good mood a lot of the time.”

“It helps you to build ways of dealing with emotions”.

Ruth Richards, Head of Communications and Marketing for Mind, said:

“Students have pressures coming at them from all sides. As a consequence, they are actually one of the groups most at risk of developing mental health problems. In response to this, Mind wanted to develop an app with students that wouldn’t just be ‘another Facebook’, but would be fun, intuitive and effective in helping keep on top of the ups and downs of uni life.

“The result is ‘Emoodji’, which draws on emojis and selfies to allow students to capture and share emotions quickly, whether you’re at a particularly high or low moment in your university life. The app also provides relevant tips for coping with everything from finances to exam stress. We’re really pleased to see that so many students have already got behind Emoodji and hope it provides a useful tool for coping with university.”

The release of this app comes just days after the government has pledged to put one billion pounds into the NHS towards the improvement of mental health services.

The large sum of money could potentially reduce suicides by 10%, provide 24-hour mental health support and help up to one million more people by 2021.

To download the app please touch this.

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