It’s Saturday. But people are boring.




I’m so so so so so gutted, because I’m missing an amazing birthday party tonight…. Thanks uni assignment for ruining whatever shred of a social life I try to have.
My assignment is done now, and all I really want to do is have some fun, but I can’t, because I DON’T KNOW ANYONE WHO LIKES TO HAVE FUN 4 REAL.

I fear I’m going to have to spend my evening making bolognese for one, and a solitude bread roll from scratch that I’ll turn into a mini-garlic bread baguette.

I mean, it doesn’t sound -that bad-, but when you just want to hang out with your wang out, it’s a personal idea of hell.

Come to me, my jungle friends, I gots rum, I gots vodka, I gots milk, and I even have wine (so grown up, still love the rum tho…) … I ALSO HAVE BANANA NESQUIK YO.



I went to the gym this morning with my friend, and I was pumping some steel, 90LBS of steel and I am feeling it right now… So.

This shall be interesting.

It was so interesting that I went to sleep for 4 days.


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