Blending brand new technology, slow-motion videos and epic pranks are things that have been massive sensations on Youtube over the years, yet a new sensation is wobbling its way in and pudding other trends to shame.

Jello, is it me you’re looking for??

Yes, jelly.

As of late, vloggers such as GlamourLifeFox, AwesomeDisneyToys and Karina Garcia have been creating jellified versions of popular beverages, such as Coke, Starbucks Frappucinos and milk for our viewing pleasure.

Not one to miss out on trends, I thought I would jump on the jelly wagon, but in doing so, I had the sudden realisation at how bad it is for you to eat a jellified beverage.

Let’s break it down.


So, to help create my bottle of wibbly wobbly good(or bad)ness,I used two packets of Hartley’s Orange Jelly. You can find some here, which is where I found mine.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 18.23.21

I used just under 300g of this jelly ‘as sold’, which equates to approximately 888 calories, 172.2g of sugar and 1.5g of salt.

The drink I used for my jelly creation was Oasis, because my mum doesn’t allow me to have fizzy drinks on a Monday.

Anyhow, the nutritional values are as follows –

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 18.34.24

This beverage contains 90 calories per bottle, and 20.5g of sugar.

Another ingredient in this jellified bottle of diabetes is powdered gelatine, of which boasts 40.8 calories per sachet, which brings the grand total amount of calories in our bottle to 1019 calories, and a whopping 192.7g of sugar…

Which counts for over half a womans daily recommended daily calorie intake, and OVER SEVEN TIMES the recommended daily sugar intake by the World Health Organisation.

If you’re not sick from the sheer sweetness after your first bite, you will be if you eat the whole thing!

That aside, here’s the action you’ve been waiting for, a glorious video of the creation of this product.


Be warned, it’s a little long, and a lot beautiful.

Also, I recommend being accompanied by an adult during the creation process, because box cutters are super sharp, and the gelatine gets really really hot, so hot it can burn, so please take care!!!

What are the danger in consuming something of such?

Christie Elsworthy is a personal trainer who also gives nutritional advice to her clients.
When approached on the matter, Christie said: “It’s shocking people are creating and considering consuming something so calorific.

“Not only does it have a high amount of calories, it contains a whopping amount of sugar which is dangerous. If someone were to do this regularly, within no time, they could develop type 2 diabetes.”

Sally Blackmore, a Bournemouth based nutritionist has also commented on the trend: “Sugar is an ’empty’ calorie – it only provides energy and has no nutritional value. Sugar has addictive properties – because it is absorbed into the body quickly it produces a ‘sugar rush’ which gives the body a quick high energy blast followed by a ‘crash’ and a craving for more.

“Sugar is very high in calories and as such is stored as excess fat around the body, leading to obesity and often diabetes. Obesity is associated with high blood pressure, high cholesterol (both leading to heart disease) osteoarthritis, fatty liver disease, depression, polycystic ovary syndrome, infertility, sleep apnoea and certain forms of cancer.

“The body works hard at regulating glucose in the body to ensure a steady supply. Type II diabetes occurs when the body gives up on trying to regulate the highs and lows because of the excessive amount of sugar in the bloodstream, which leads to a blood glucose imbalance. The impact of diabetes on the body is cell damage which can cause nerve damage with outcomes such as blindness, heart disease, kidney damage, difficulty healing and delayed gastric emptying – increasing risk of bowel cancer.”

Will you be trying this fun, yet dangerous trend?!


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