Thursdays with Amber, featuring Fi-dates.

Thursdays with Amber, featuring Fi-dates.

It’s Thursday, commonly known as everyone’s favourite day of the week!
I normally feature my favourite person ever, Doreen, yet today we are many miles apart, but a quick Crumpdate for you – Today, Doreen will be working on her law essay, and she threw in a cheeky ‘Spain’ for the blog.

Thanks Doreen, you’re a good sport.


Today, I’m joined by FiFi, she’s the coolest person I know. I don’t know if it’s because she’s only two, or related to me, but either ways, she’s so jazzy.

This morning, I visited Avonbourne to speak to the Year 12 pupils about their media case studies, and university courses and life at university. Although it sounds dull, all of those things are important to know!

I’m now home, with Fi, who says “I dat”… You know what Fi? I totally agree with you.

I feel I should set the scene.

Fi is sat across the table from me, wearing a furry Peppa Pig onesie, drinking hot chocolate out of the Peppa Pig mug she requested.
She’s got chocolate biscuits (The good kind) and a Donut, also the good kind, and is watching her favourite show…
When suddenly, she screams… Why?

Her biscuit broke in her hot chocolate – That’s it – She’s had her first taste of disappointment in life.
Fi, life hold plenty more disappointment, just you wait.


Fi is now in bed with her mother, sipping some milk, watching some TV, having some cuddles – Living the life rn.
Doreen’s most said word is ‘Spain’… FiFi says ‘Nooooooo-ey’ or ‘Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!’ even though she agrees, or can hear what you say… Let us see how many times she utters those words this day.IMG_5968.JPG


Cuddles weren’t enough for her – she’s sat on my lap and I’ve been forced to put ‘Elsa ones’ on youtube.. Great.

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