BREAKING: Police fill platform at Bournemouth station following reports of a weapon on board a train.

Armed police vehicles and officers were awaiting a Cross Country train at Bournemouth station on Wednesday evening following report from a concerned member of the public regarding a large weapon on board.
Police received a report from an alarmed member of the public at approximately 8pm who was exceedingly concerned about a weapon aboard the Cross Country line.

The reported weapon was a black, samurai sword.

Following a long wait to arrive on the platform, the police stormed the carriage before allowing any passengers off to investigate the offending item, of which was later discovered to be an umbrella specifically designed to look like a samurai sword.

A passenger aboard of whom wishes to remain anonymous said : “Although an attack was unlikely, you can’t ever be too safe, especially with regards to what is going on in the world right now… it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

A member of the British Transport Police confirmed that contacting the police regarding the police was the right thing to do, and even thanked the person who reported the item.

Should you see a suspicious item aboard a train, contact emergency services immediately.



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