I’m a zelebrity, get me out of here…

I’m a zelebrity, get me out of here…

I never watch reality TV shows, because they’re nothing like what they were before.
I’m talkin’ Big Brother Pre-2007, I’m talkin’ Dog The Bounty Hunter, and I’m talkin Paris’s New BFF, #TTYN


Tonight marks the start of borefest ‘I’m a celebrity (lol, you’re really not but your mum said you are so you must be) get me out of here’, which also cues the flurry people asking “errrmagaaad did you see I’m a Celebrity last night?”

No pal, one has better things to do.

I’m no critic, but I’m accustomed to the jazzier things in life, and this show is defo not jazzy.

First of all, someone is on this show who is ‘famous’ for sitting down and actually watching the TV, and I only know of Larry Lamb because I really enjoy alliteration.

Second of all, who allowed these people to leave their compound dressed as such?! They’re wearing the most confusing combination of clothing imaginable. If I were a celebrity in those clothes, I’d be all like ‘get me out of here’ too, because I would not be caught in any of those outfits.

*seven minutes later*

I won’t lie, I was going to watch this episode and give you a live feed of what I think, but I think I’d rather pluck my leg hairs out one by one and create a monobrow than watch this show.

In the words of Kimberly “Sweet Brown” Wilkins ,



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