Why are GP receptionists the most unhelpful, miserable cows to walk the planet?

Why are GP receptionists the most unhelpful, miserable cows to walk the planet?



After visiting the doctors as a temporary resident one too many times, I finally decided to register (previously they had told me I couldn’t register because they were updating their system… Okay petals)… Anyhow.


Tonight, I called and said “Hi, I want to register”.

They said “Sure, come along with a form of ID”


Off I went, on foot, with my driving licence in hand, thinking it would be straight forward, and when I got there I was told that “Sorry, this is not an acceptable form of ID”








MH (Mega Hottie = me)
D (Devil)

MH “OH, but you said a form of ID, if this isn’t a form of ID, then what is?”
D “A bill, or a bank statement”


I mean, I’d hate to sound like a smart arse but surely they could specify that over the phone, or do they get a thrill of being rude and wasting peoples time???


I then proceeded to ask for the registration forms so I could take them home and fill them out….

D: “We do not give them out.”




I wonder how many people there are out there who are sick as anything, mentally, physically or terminally but can’t do anything about it because the likes of miserable, rude and stupid receptionists in GP surgeries?

Imagine if someone was in a low place, desperate for help, and when they go to the doctors to seek it, they’re turned away before they can even be seen because of the ‘frontline’ of the NHS?

I’m not too sure if I treated customers the same way the receptionist treated me I’d still have a job, so why do they get to keep their job?
Daily, they deal with people who are sick and sensitive, yet they’re the rudest, most inconsiderate people I have ever had to speak with.

In fact, when faced with attitudes like that I’d rather lay at home and die quietly than have to bother wasting my breath asking to register, let alone trying to get an appointment – And I’m sure other people feel the same way too.

Everyone gives GP’s a hard time, but is it really their fault? No,

It’s the receptionists, they’re evil Demogorons that have been released from their underworld crypt to ruin peoples days and lives one snare, sassy statement and phone call at a time.

Whilst I was in the surgery, I managed to pick up a questionnaire, of which I’ll be sure to include an honest opinion of those rudegalz.


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