Why is the world full of bad eggs?

I am sat on my bed, in my room. Beyond the red door, lies the rest of the house, which is my home.

Within these ‘four’ walls, everything is nice, pleasant and friendly, but beyond the four walls, past the path, and outside the gate lies a world full of scum.


Last night, someone stole items from my mother’s car, including my beloved velvet bomber jacket.

“But it’s just a jacket” is what some have said.

Yes, to you, it may be just a jacket, but theft of items so small, so petty, so heinous is what has upset us the most.

Knowing that some fool has touched your property and taken it for themselves is absolutely disgusting.
I wouldn’t be surprised by this kind of incident if I lived in ‘that kind’ of area; but I don’t.

“Perhaps her doors weren’t locked”… Mrs Amber’s Mum was adamant they were, but so what if they weren’t? It shows the nature of the people in society today.

I myself have witnessed people walking up and down the road trying car doors to see if any are unlocked – About two weeks ago, I went to my car, and my handle had been pulled out, in an attempt to open my car, of which was locked.

What people are failing to understand is, it isn’t really about the items that are gone, because they’re gone, and you can’t ever get them back, it’s about the fact that someone has seen that either something is open, or tried their luck, or forced their way in, just to take someone’s belongings.

Even the failure to understand, sympathise and empathise shows how self-obsessed people are – you don’t give two fucks about what has happened because it’s not about you, and it hasn’t happened to you either.

I know people who live in places where their neighbours come over and tell them they saw someone looking through their window, drop them a text to see if they’re okay, or just stop and say hello every once in a while, but I live on a road full of nosy, busy bodies who stand at their windows and twitch their curtains who only come over to get you to sign a petition to keep a 100 year-old tree that sheds a trillion sycamores each year into your gutters – THERE ARE MORE PRESSING ISSUES THAN YOUR BELOVED TREE, YOU FUCKWIT.

I guarantee if my neighbour walked by and noticed my car was open they wouldn’t come and tell me, they’d just continue about their day.

It’s not very nice to think about is it?

I’ve thought about it, and a conclusion I came to is that I don’t actually enjoy today’s society.

An overwhelming majority of people are so selfish – They only care about themselves, they only do things that interest and benefit them, and they don’t give two hoots about who or what they damage in the process of being the self-absorbed wankstains that they are.

You’ve done a lot of asking, and now it’s my turn… “Does it even pay to be a good person?”

No, it doesn’t.


Despite being the caring, loving and generous individual I am, no one truly gives two fucks whether you smile or stick your finger up at them.


Here’s an anecdote of one of the good deeds I did on Thursday afternoon.

In M&S, the cashier gave me too much change. I know for a fact most people would think “YESS WINNING” and pocket the extra change, but I gave it back to the woman, because I’m a decent person, and she genuinely seemed taken aback by my actions, thus supporting my idea that people would pocket the change.
To be honest, regardless of how kind, selfless and nice I am, nothing nice ever seems to come from it. I know you shouldn’t act in a way of such and expect goodness in return, but surely you’d expect a day free from rain on your parade every once in a while, no?

I’ve actually decided that I’m not going to help people anymore.

It’s not a decision I’ve made today, it’s come from a lot of reflection – “No good deed goes unpunished” So fuck being punished, y’gemme?

I’m not going to do good deeds and I most certainly will keep change if I’m given too much, because good karma isn’t even a fucking thing, and my life and its series of unfortunate events is pure evidence of this .

If you’ve read all of this, I’d normally congratulate you, say well done or thank you for taking the time to read this, but like everyone else, I don’t care.




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