I’m free!

I have just submitted two essays and one showreel, spelling the end of my second year in second year.

I cannot tell you how exhausted and elated I feel at this present moment in time.
I’m so exhausted because I spent more time worrying about my coursework and my exam over the past 12 weeks than I have sleeping, and I’m elated because there’s nothing that I have to worry about at the moment.


Next week marks the start of my 5 month break. I don’t even have a holiday planned… yet


Here’s what I want to achieve…

Despite my… Sturdy? We’ll go with sturdy…
Despite my sturdy build, I’m actually quite fit with great stamina, but I’d like to look as fit as I actually am, and get even fitter!

I’ve got my 80 WPM certificate under my belt, but by September I’d like to get up to 120 WPM and find an exam centre and book myself in. Although some argue it isn’t essential, it’s proved to be so valuable in all of my journalistic endeavours. Also, I really enjoy writing in shorthand, because I find it helps me improve my photographic memory because you remember more of the symbols.


Final Year Project

If I can, I want to get as much of my final year project done as I can. I am going to do a magazine on health and fitness because there’s always so much out there about health and fitness, and everything is constantly evolving. Alongside this, there are always new clinical trials and studies being released regarding health so it’d be really interesting to report on these things. If I can get it finished by the time I return to university it would give me more time to make more, and I’ll hopefully, be less stressed.




I’ve had a violin since I was 10, a full size adult violin. I gave up when I was 11 when I started secondary school, and every summer I’ve wanted to give it another go, but I’m determined this summer to enrich my life and learn it again.


McNae’s essential journalism is very essential, and I haven’t looked at mine in MONTHS – So I’ve given myself a section to read and make notes on each week.




All in all, it sounds like a busy summer, but to be honest with you, life is too short to waste sitting around all day. I’m paying £9,000 per year for a summer this long, so it’d be silly not to enrich my own life!


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