(TL;DR at the bottom)

Pardon the French that’s about to follow, but I have to express something that I’ve been noticing lately.

I’ve found that people are far too serious at the moment.

It’s like no jokes can be cracked, smiling is like sticking your middle finger up and joy is a myth… For the love of Black Jesus, pull your pants out of your fucking bowel and lighten the fuck up!

I’ve been super stressed out whilst trying to finish my MA, and it’s been hard to find positivity!

Almost daily I hear people arguing for the sake of just being right, even though there’s nothing to be right or wrong about, I see people slagging each other off on LinkedIn, and I see girls calling each other ugly on Instagram – and it just hurts my soul!

It’s all really unnecessary!

I’m real big on supporting others and giving credit when credit is due because I feel amongst all of this negativity, especially with regards to Brexit, the increasing pressure to be superfuckingfantastic and the constant banes of existence it’s important to share some positivity and remind people how truly amazing they are, and how amazing they’re doing.

I have one friend who’s positivity sometimes fluctuates and I feel it’s important to let her know that she is an insanely talented designer. I tell her how much she is smashing it, because it may be the little nugget of positivity to get the wheels going once more that day.

There’s another who I went to school with who is inherently cool – she dyes her hair insane shades of pink, purple and blue and gets away with it at ease, and I let her know that it’s so frickin’ cool, just because, and another who’s killing the marketing world and  just started their own side hustle, which is fantastic and incredibly brave!

A little sincerity goes such a long way, but negativity goes even further and has more of an impact – but not a good one! We’re wired to accept the negativity more than positivity, but I really want to change this.

I am SO fed up of the negativity that I myself have become the most negative, cynical and miserable person I can be just because negativity is like an inescapable toxic gas at the moment.

Obviously, it’s just subjective and that’s just my own opinion, but it’s one that I truly believe in.

I’ll never understand how people can be so uptight, highly strung and take life so seriously.  Obviously, I’m not a moron – I know life isn’t a joke, but it isn’t a life sentence either!

Look, what I’m trying to say is, be nice! Don’t be such a C U Next T.

It’s not cute, it’s not kind and it’s not fun.

(TL;DR, Don’t be such a cunt)