Health and Lifestyle


Coming to university is a big lifestyle change.
Gone were the days of spending way over £100 on a pair of loafers and crazy cool Nikes, because once you find yourself at university, you find yourself unemployed and living off a crappy loan that doesn’t even cover your rent and having to ask your owners for money, which is all very well, but after earning your own money and having financial independence, to go back to being a burden and asking for pocket money again is *literally* one of the worst things in the world.

“Why?” you ask, well, I shall tell you.

  1. You feel like you have to spend your money on sensible things, not fantastically flavoured vodka, or a dress you’re probably going to wear once.
  2. I’ve left home now, mum should totes spend her money on herself, and live a little, because YOLO.
  3. The ridicule you get for asking for more money after just being given more money… “What did you spend it on? I just gave you XYZ…” 
  4.  Buying gifts for your owners with the money they have given you… You feel as though they may as well be buying them themself!
  5. Just having to ask…


Undeniably owners are there to provide unconditional love and funds, and that jobs can be found at uni, but if you want to ever go home to see them, you can’t really get one.





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