Studential Confidential

When you go to Canterbury Christ Church University there are 10 things that you can definitely relate to.





  1. Your university gets ripped to shreds on YikYak



2) You join in because it’s actually quite hilarious


3)  The club scene is secretly the illuminati… Chemistry, Cuban and Chill.the cuban.jpg


4) If you want to go the Cuban on a Thursday you have to be there at practically 6 in the morning… 19 years before you want to get in.

Berlin, Michael Jackson-Konzert, Wartende




5)  It takes forever to get anywhere out of Canterbury.

cants traffic

6)   Saying you go to university in Canterbury to avoid admitting going to CCCU…



7) Finding the rooms is like finding your way out of a haunted house



8)   Some rooms both look and smell like a gym


9)  You never feel prepared for the sub-zero temperatures



10) Saying you’re never going to go to Chemistry again, but where do you find yourself on a Saturday night in a sorry state?