Vicky had the chop for charity

Vicky had the chop for charity

A student from Poole has donated 12 inches of her hair to be made into wigs to help children who have suffered from hair loss.

Vicky Olive, 20,  has had 12 inches cut off to donate to the Little Princess Trust.

The Little Princess Trust is a charity that was launched in 2006 by the parents of Hannah Tarplee, who sadly died after a brave battle with cancer.

Her parents created the charity after the sheer difficulty they faced in finding a wig of good quality that was suitable for children.

The third year Oxford University student said: “I’ve had long hair for as long as I can remember and have always loved it, but children who have lost their hair through cancer treatment will benefit from my hair far more than I will.

“It’s brilliant to know that in a small way I have done something to help a poorly child.”

Vicky Olive little princedss trust

The charity have helped over 4000 boys and girls in the UK and Ireland since its creation, and when possible, they donate to help find the causes of childhood cancers and less aggressive treatments.

Co-founder of the charity, Wendy Tarplee-Morris said: “It is an incredibly brave and personal donation to make.   We are currently appealing for longer donations of hair, so this 12″ donation is exactly what we need to make longer wigs for children”

The wigs cost approximately £350.00 to make are made up of hair from at least six different donors.

Vicky also said: “Donating your hair is really easy, if you aren’t able to donate hair, all donations are much appreciated, to make sure that all children who need a wig are able to have one”

Currently, the Little Princess Trust provide around 80-100 wigs per month, on this, Wendy said: “there is also a significant cost involved in offering this service.  So donations of both hair and money are always very gratefully received.

“Without the support we receive from fundraisers and donors we could not provide this invaluable service to families”

To help make a child feel better, brighter and bolder, click here to donate.

Amber Lovell