E! Red Carpet fashion coverage is not okay.

E! Red Carpet fashion coverage is not okay.

I love E!, don’t get me wrong.
It’s where I gained my journalistic dreams from, but I’m watching the red carpet coverage now, and the commentary on the fashion is literally a waste.

They are just saying “I love the neckline” “I love this… I love that”…
It seems so fickle, so fake, so forced.
In fact, it reminds me of fobbing your mum off when she shows you a grey jumper, similar to the seventeen others she has in her wardrobe and you’re like “I love it!” just so you can stop shopping and go home. (Sorry mum, I love you, and that grey jumper does look great, I promise)

It’s a shame, it really is.

It’s an insult to the designers who have worked hard designing, fitting and customising these pieces of art for the clothes horses to wear, and all that’s being said is they ‘love it’.
I don’t think people want to know if you love the neckline, you need to comment on the different dynamics, elements and the different fabrics and the feelings and thoughts they evoke and  subsequently convey.

Everyone is wearing a little blue ribbon; As noted by the very observant (jokes) Kris Jenner. Instead of explaining it fully, especially for the international audience, Giuliana just referred people to the E! website to read an article on it. I’m all for synergy but that’s just lazy.

I’ll pick up the slack, hopefully they’ll give me a cut of what they’re getting paid?

So, this is Chrissy and John, first name basis, we cool, we cool.


I’m not sure who Chrissy is wearing, but the belt was an important factor in the E! Red Carpet commentary, and I know John is wearing Gucci, and looking sleek.

He’s wearing a simple black suit, and a black bow tie, but not any bow tie, it’s what I’d describe as a tear drop, but because it’s just a subtle difference, it makes him stand out from the crowd… Not just a bow tie, a legendary bow tie.

Chrissy’s dress is gold, nude, and cream.
Gold has connotations of regality, alongside evoking an Oscar award… Which isn’t merely a coincidence as they’re at the Academy Awards,  of which is celebrating the best films from the past 12 months in cinema.

Gold also has connotations of passion,wealth, glitz and glam, yet this dress doesn’t go over the top, as the rest of the body is a pale gold, warm, creamy colour of a smooth silky material.  Silk is something that is woven so intricately, and it’s such a delicate material too. The beaded bust and the smooth silk skirt are juxtapositions, that come together to create the perfect dress.

Her colours are warm, welcoming and inviting, alongside this, they’re carrying all the connotations necessary for an award ceremony.
Her dress, alongside John’s suit make them look like the perfect Ying and Yang, and as exemplified in their body language, that is what they are.

Sorry E!, I love you, I do, but your coverage is sucking a bunch of eggs.