Hidden Figures – Live blog

Hidden Figures – Live blog

So, I’m watching Hidden Figures.


It’s the first film on the Oscar list I found and I have a feeling I’ll enjoy this more than the Revenant. I watched that last year for my Oscar coverage and it was the longest film of my life – Honestly, I’d rather have a hangover than watch that film.

18.10 – So I’m watching Hidden Figures – I’m 15 minutes in and I’m loving it! I basically love anything with Octavia Spencer in, she is an amazing and incredible actress!

18.11- Kirsten Dunst – I haven’t actually seen her in a film since Bring It On – And now she’s actually playing an adult, which is weird. I think you expect a stronger voice to come out of her, but it sounds so weak, alongside her poor accent.

18.18 – I haven’t heard from Janelle Monae in a while, but then again, I haven’t been looking for her. Loved her album a few million years ago tho..

*** I’m not one of these people who are militant about black rights etc… I’m all for equality, but I really enjoy films that show what it was like for both women, and black women in the 60’s. Films like Hairspray made all the hardships that folk ‘in the day’ faced seem like a joke, but this film is really highlighting the issues.***

For example,Katherine, a mathematician is a single, widowed mother who is working full time at NASA to provide for her children. When she gets up to get a cup of coffee, she’s looked at like she just used her hat to brew the coffee. I’d legitimately hate life if that was me.

I am aware that this is a film, but it’s non-fiction, and I can imagine everything that’s occurred already, and everything that will occur throughout the film would have happened in the ’60’s.***

18.40 – Katherine runs, she runs in heels, she climbs ladders and she does mathematical calculations… I’m tired just watching this – You go, girl!

18.47 – “You act right, you are right, that’s for certain.”

19.59 – I took a break, it’s been a long day… The soundtrack/score is amazing for this film. It’s literally like the icing on the cake!

I’m currently reading about the historical accuracy of the film at the moment – A lot of what goes on regarding the ladies NASA careers is actually true, however, there aren’t any correlations with regards to the timelines.

20.16 – I’ve finished the film.
It was so good! It was both factual, entertaining and a thought evoking motion picture, of which is something quite rare (in my eyes) in the current thoughtless, self-obsessed selfie society we currently live in.

I’m actually researching the three ‘Hidden Figures’ this is based on – Mary Jackson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Katharine G. Johnson.
Mary and Dorothy are no longer with us, but Katharine is aged 98.

I believe a film like this could inspire young girls to persevere in maths and science, two subjects that are often considered masculine and unglamorous, but what’s more important? Glamour or success?

Success, in my opinion, and you can gain glamour as a result of success….

To conclude…

Will this film win any Academy Awards? 
Despite it being a great film, with amazing and thoughtful cinematography, I don’t think it has what it takes to win. I feel bad for saying this, but it’s just a part of the cold, hard reality of life in the film industry.

It’s worth noting that all 13,000 involved in the production of the film should be proud that they were a part of a film nominated for an Oscar, and everyone should know that this is a great film, but it’s missing a certain pizzazz that it’s predecessors had that made them worthy of winning.

Hmm… What film should I watch next?

A Twitter user, @TyeHarveyy has suggested Fences… It’s on!