Frickin’ Monday

Frickin’ Monday

I’m not normally one of those people who hate Monday, because it’s legit just like any other day, but this Monday was the worst this year.


Some people are just so bloody rude!

“Oh no, why?”
First of all…



If you’re gonna be a sassy little bitch, dress the part; don’t be sassy and half arse it because it looks bad on the rest of the sassy bitches who boss it everyday, you little skettyskank.


Try as you might, you’re not sassy, you’re just a basic bitch with a bad attitude.




Butting in –

Jigga please, I ain’t speakin’ to you, so mind yo’ own bizzznizzz





I got off the train and the sky was bloody falling! “Why didn’t you check the weather?” AGAIN, MIND YOUR OWN BIZZNIZZ, I AIN’T ASK FO’ YO’ OPINION.




Sweet lord Jesus, today just seemed to drag and drag and drag. I forgot a fork for my lunch, but if I did, I would have stabbed myself in a bid to escape for the day. I’m a princess, I don’t need an education – I’m soon to be the queen, man.


That’s my Monday moan over – I’m suitably content.
I purchased a v nice wine from M and S, alongside an array of Percy Pigs, sausages and a lovely salad.


Au Revoir, bitches.


*May or may not contain metaphors* lol.

May the odds be ever in your favour, y’all

May the odds be ever in your favour, y’all

I’m not American, and despite being the estranged niece of Barack Obama I don’t really have a say in U.S Politics, but I will wade in anyways…




The people of America are voting to have either the first female president, or a former reality TV tycoon, both of whom have very similar hairstyles.

You can barely tell the difference

Regardless of who gets elected, the outcome is definitely going to be scary.


Because… For both candidates, it’s been a salacious and scandalous election campaign, with many conspiracy theories coming out of the woodworks, many libellous tweets, venomous statements and heated debates, none of which clearly showed the American folk who should succeed from Uncle B.(ball) lol so funny




According to Katz & Lazarsfeld’s ‘Magic Bullet’ (Hypodermic Needle) theory audiences are passive – For example, I told everyone that the world was ending tomorrow, and instead of researching it, it was published on every news source and everyone chose to believe it then my opinion was injected into them, and it influenced them and their life.

With the above in mind, mass media can influence a nation and it can therefore be implied that 96.7% of Americans of whom own a TV set have seen some coverage of the election, and dependant on what channel they have viewed, their opinion has been swayed by what has been broadcasted to them, little do they know that it has been cut, edited and changed for specific channels.

For me, one of the most puzzling factors about the election and the campaign is how celebrities are getting behind certain candidates and trying to sway their fans to vote for their chosen democrat, but are the pop stars clad in lycra and lace really the best people to be spreading the message.

As I’ve said, I’m not American and I don’t know too much, all I do know, is regardless of the outcome, and all I’ve heard from both British and American media, y’all are fucked.

Like, how do you even know to vote for?


I’m voting for Nick Jonas.

Nick Jonas