Frickin’ Monday

Frickin’ Monday

I’m not normally one of those people who hate Monday, because it’s legit just like any other day, but this Monday was the worst this year.


Some people are just so bloody rude!

“Oh no, why?”
First of all…



If you’re gonna be a sassy little bitch, dress the part; don’t be sassy and half arse it because it looks bad on the rest of the sassy bitches who boss it everyday, you little skettyskank.


Try as you might, you’re not sassy, you’re just a basic bitch with a bad attitude.




Butting in –

Jigga please, I ain’t speakin’ to you, so mind yo’ own bizzznizzz





I got off the train and the sky was bloody falling! “Why didn’t you check the weather?” AGAIN, MIND YOUR OWN BIZZNIZZ, I AIN’T ASK FO’ YO’ OPINION.




Sweet lord Jesus, today just seemed to drag and drag and drag. I forgot a fork for my lunch, but if I did, I would have stabbed myself in a bid to escape for the day. I’m a princess, I don’t need an education – I’m soon to be the queen, man.


That’s my Monday moan over – I’m suitably content.
I purchased a v nice wine from M and S, alongside an array of Percy Pigs, sausages and a lovely salad.


Au Revoir, bitches.


*May or may not contain metaphors* lol.

It’s Saturday. But people are boring.

It’s Saturday. But people are boring.




I’m so so so so so gutted, because I’m missing an amazing birthday party tonight…. Thanks uni assignment for ruining whatever shred of a social life I try to have.
My assignment is done now, and all I really want to do is have some fun, but I can’t, because I DON’T KNOW ANYONE WHO LIKES TO HAVE FUN 4 REAL.

I fear I’m going to have to spend my evening making bolognese for one, and a solitude bread roll from scratch that I’ll turn into a mini-garlic bread baguette.

I mean, it doesn’t sound -that bad-, but when you just want to hang out with your wang out, it’s a personal idea of hell.

Come to me, my jungle friends, I gots rum, I gots vodka, I gots milk, and I even have wine (so grown up, still love the rum tho…) … I ALSO HAVE BANANA NESQUIK YO.



I went to the gym this morning with my friend, and I was pumping some steel, 90LBS of steel and I am feeling it right now… So.

This shall be interesting.

It was so interesting that I went to sleep for 4 days.