The Life of A Master

Recently, I began my masters degree in Digital Media Practice – Marketing, Advertising and Branding Design, after being almost certain of the fact that I would not be in any form of education at the age of 23, but here I am!

I undertook this course because I was called when I was in the gym in late July by a poor soul from the UoW, who told me it’s not too late,

And so, I hopped off the bike and I applied for my MA!

I was at the point where I wasn’t getting any of the jobs I wanted, and I knew I couldn’t work in a leisure centre for another moment due to the fact that it would drive me insane, and perhaps a MA would be my key to the city.

Once I applied, I was then offered a job as a marketing co-ordinator which coincides with the later elements / modules of this course, but at the moment it’s super designy and techy, which I was expecting, but I guess I wasn’t really prepared for it.

I won’t lie, I think the design-y elements will help me stand out from the crowd and it’ll give me the independance most applicants for jobs won’t have… If I can do the job of two people, why hire both, just hire me!

Today we looked at Dreamweaver… Building a website.

Honestly, I left the room first because my brain was FRIED.

If you asked me this time last week if I would be looking at building a website I would have rolled my eyes…



More to follow…

Wireframes got me feeling… Wired

October 01 2018

Need I say more?

Today we looked at wireframing our application ideas and it’s needless to say, I did an awful job…

I hadn’t ever wireframed before but I kind of enjoyed drawing out my idea because it’s so much different than a wad of notes.

After uni, I went home and worked on my wireframes and I even printed out some templates and it helped so much.

I’ve tried prototyping on InVision but to be frank, I suck.